Album Review – “Every Where is Some Where” by K.Flay

Even with the inclusion of her previous EP, K.Flay’s sophomore full-length is a wonderful masterpiece the blends a multitude of genres and styles.

“Dreamers,” one of the songs from the Crush Me EP, starts the record in a positive and uplifting way. The theme continues with “Giver,” a strong track for first-time listeners of K.Flay; this song is definitely in line with her typical style and vocal talents. With a strong rock element of drums and psychedelic guitar sounds, this song is relaxed, but has an energy to it.

“Champagne” is one of the more rap-oriented songs, bringing K.Flay’s sound back to her roots. Her earlier work was certainly similar to this track, with fast-paced singing and a melodic chorus. The tempo increases, as do the backing instruments as the song progresses. It’s a short track, only a little over two minutes in length, but like “Giver,” it is powerful.

One of the singles off the record was “High Enough,” a slower song that hears a more vulnerable K.Flay singing about her feelings. In the first line, she sings, “I don’t like anyone better than you, it’s true / I’d crawl a mile in a desolate place with the snakes, just for you,” suggesting a meaningful relationship that gets her “high enough” as the title would imply.

“Mean It” is an even slower and more personal track off the record and is without a doubt one of my all-time favorites songs of hers. Every single lyric packs an emotional punch and with a mellow bass line followed by the entrance of the drums following the first chorus, every single part of this song is incredible.

K.Flay again references her father and his troubles with drinking, something she often sings about, likely as a way to deal with his death. I appreciate the honesty and her ability to sing about something so personal in a way that makes the song, and her, seem all the more relatable and humble.

The verses are truly the strongest component of this song, singing about family, life and death. In the second one, she sings, “Hope to die next to my daughter / Let her sing to me sleep / Having made the mistakes of a mother / Still I taught her to breathe / When you’re low and you’re deep underwater.” This is without a doubt my favorite track on the record.

K.Flay continues to show off her varying abilities, maintaining a solid beat with clamer vocals in “It’s Just A Lot” and “Slow March.” Like most of her songs, “It’s Just A Lot” explores universal feelings, specifically of helplessness and feeling lost.

“Slow March” is aptly titled as it starts off in no rush, but by the time the chorus hits, it feels more like a party song with cheerful backing vocals and drums. It falls to a more relaxed style throughout the verses, but K.Flay continues to vary the sound with her signature rapping / singing quickly.

The three remaining songs from Crush Me are dispersed throughout the record, but feel a bit out of place with the new tracks. I don’t completely understand why they were included, but all of the songs, including the ones from the EP, show a clear maturity and progression from her last LP release in 2014.

K.Flay is one of my favorite artists and she always seems to create something distinct and different. Every Where is Some Where is no exception and well worth the wait.

Favorite tracks: High Enough, Mean It, It’s Just A Lot

Album release date: April 7, 2017

Written by: Kathryn Leeber


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